Tournament Results

Tournament Results · 03 October 2019
Photo of tournament winners MaryLou Demers and Dave Austen with sponsor Martin Henly and tournament trophy.
Thank you to Martin Henly of Henly's Leather Shop for over 20 years of support. Well done to this year's winners MaryLou Demers and Dave Austen. Marylou Demers, Dave Austen Martin Henly, Maureen Hagman Neil Stewart, Louise Vitale Ted Merritt, Callette Hicks Gary Osley, Wanda Bannan Best Effort – Robert Garrod, Joan Murphy-Walker
Tournament Results · 21 September 2019
Thank you our long time sponsors for helping us hold a great event. Congrats to our winners Gus Gonzalez, Judy Pope and Ted Merritt on winning the 2019 Sarah and Charlies Warner Memorial. Ted Merritt, Gus Gonzalez, Judy Pope Terry Fergusson, Wayne Strudwick, James Demers Neil Stewart, Ruth Cottingham, Rene Broeders Louise Vitale, Morag Fairweather, Iain Clemerson
Tournament Results · 13 September 2019
Photo of tournament winners with sponsors.
Thank you to the family of Dave Clanachan for supporting our charity tournament. Congratulations to our winners Brian and Judy Doidge. Judy Doidge, Brian Doidge John Fantin, Gloria Fantin Alfie Fairweather, Morag Fairweather Ron Little, Susan Newsham Terry Fergusson, Marylou Demers Louise St. Pierre, Mary Whitson Best Effort – AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Debbie Clark
Tournament Results · 07 September 2019
Thank you to Tom O'Brien Realty for sponsoring our Harvest Festival Tournament. Congratulations to Neil Stewart, Ruth Cottingham, and Maureen Hagman on winning this year's event. Neil Stewart, Ruth Cottingham, Maureen Hagman Terry Fergusson, Wanda Bannan, Iain Clemerson Bettyann Rankin, Morag Fairweather, Bob Lever Marylou Demers, Ted Krigel, Olga Nimeck Sue Duransky, Dave Rigley, Rene Broeders Jason Currie, Gus Gonzalez, Zen Nimeck AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Jeannette Quenneville Ted Merritt,...
Tournament Results · 02 September 2019
Thank you to Cramdon's Tap & Eatery for their many years of support in sponsoring this tournament. Congratulations to this year's winners, Neil Stewart and Marylou Demers. Neil Stewart, Marylou Demers Dave Austen, Martin Henly John Fantin, Gloria Fantin Gary Osley, Ted Krigel Don Caswell, Maureen Hagman Judy Doidge, Brian Doidge Rae Ney, Audrey Ney Best Effort - Brad Fox, Jeannette Quenneville
Tournament Results · 18 August 2019
Thank you to the family of Frank Hudson for your many years of support. Congratulations to this year's winners, Wayne Wright and Don Caswell. 1. Wayne Wright, Don Caswell 2. Tom Roth, Laurie Roth 3. Cary Lucier, Mark Lucier 4. Stan Brien, Edna Brien 5. Terry Fergusson, Ted Merritt 6. Ron Little, Susan Newsham Best Effort - Steve St. Pierre, Louise St. Pierre
Tournament Results · 16 August 2019
Thank you Gord Boggs and TurnerMoore LLP for sponsoring this tournament. Congratulations to our winners Cary Lucier, Wanda Bannan and Iain Clemerson. 1. Cary Lucier, Wanda Bannan, Iain Clemerson 2. Neil Stewart, Morag Fairweather, Rene Broeders 3. AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Dave Rigley, Maureen Hagman, 4. Ted Merritt, Robert Garrod, Kathy Carroll 5. Terry Fergusson, Gus Gonzalez, Olga Nimeck Best Effort - Jason Currie, Jeannette Quenneville, Kevin Cheung
Tournament Results · 05 August 2019
Thank you to our sponsor, Season's Royal Oak Retirement Village, for helping us host a great Civic Holiday tournament.
Tournament Results · 18 July 2019
Thank you to the family of Fausto Angelini for helping us host another great tournament. Congratulations to our winners Don Caswell and Cary Lucier. Don Caswell, Cary Lucier Louise St. Pierre, Mary Whitson, Julie Leadbetter, Debbie Clark Neil Stewart, Marylou Demers Judy Doidge, Brian Doidge Terry Fergusson, Dave Austen Best Effort - Terry Little, Kelly Shelson
Tournament Results · 13 July 2019
Thank you to the family of longtime member Peter Stock for your many years of support of this tournament. We don't know how, but your support has ensured one tournament with clear skies every year. Congratulations to this year's winners - Neil Stewart, Val Rawlins, and Kevin Cheung The remaining prize winners: 2. Marylou Demers, Wanda Bannan, Callette Hicks 3. Alfie Fairweather, Gus Gonzalez, Olga Nimeck 4. Robert Garrod, Louise Vitale, Kathy Carroll Best Effort - Terry Fergusson, Debbie Clark,...

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