2019 Harvest Festival Tournament

Thank you to Tom O'Brien Realty for sponsoring our Harvest Festival Tournament. Congratulations to Neil Stewart, Ruth Cottingham, and Maureen Hagman on winning this year's event.

  1. Neil Stewart, Ruth Cottingham, Maureen Hagman
  2.  Terry Fergusson, Wanda Bannan, Iain Clemerson
  3.  Bettyann Rankin, Morag Fairweather, Bob Lever
  4.  Marylou Demers, Ted Krigel, Olga Nimeck
  5.  Sue Duransky, Dave Rigley, Rene Broeders
  6.  Jason Currie, Gus Gonzalez, Zen Nimeck
  7.  AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Jeannette Quenneville
  8.  Ted Merritt, Phyllis Leopold, Judy Pope
  9.  Debbie Clark, Wayne Strudwick, Lise Broeders
  10.  Alfie Fairweather, Nancy Jankovic, Kevin Cheung