2023 Club Championships


  • Men’s singles / women’s singles - 25 July (enter by 23 July).
  • Mixed pairs - 8 August (enter by 6 August).
  • Novice open pairs - 29 August (enter by 27 August).
  • Men’s pairs / women’s pairs - 12 September (enter by 10 September).


  • Registrations must be submitted by 8 PM on the Friday prior to the event.
  • For pairs events, each team should register once, with the skip as the named entrant, the lead named in the comments, and the quantity set to '2'. Teams are free to switch lead and skip in accordance with the Laws, but the team will be identified by the skip's name from the initial registration.
  • There is no entry fee for club championships.

Women's Singles

Photo of 2021 women's champion Marylou Demers
2021 Women's Champion Marylou Demers

Novice Pairs

2021 Novice Pairs Champions Rob Campana and Brian Cheswick.
2021 Novice Pairs Champions Rob Campana and Brian Cheswick.

Women's Pairs

Photo of women's pairs winners holding plaque.
2021 Women's Pairs Champions Bettyann Rankin and Sue Duransky.

Men's Singles

Photo of 2021 men's champion Mark Lucier
2021 Men's Champion Mark Lucier

Mixed Pairs

Men's Pairs

Photo of men's champions holding plaque.
2021 Men's Pairs Champions Martin Henly and Dave Austen.