2022 WLBC Tournaments

Please note that this is a draft schedule. Once it is finalized, this message will be removed.

Tournament results are now available by clicking the name of the tournament. All tournaments organized by the Windsor Lawn Bowling Club are subject to our general conditions of play. Online registration is also available.

District Tournaments

Date Time Event Sponsor Details
Jun 18 10:00 Rotator Cup Family of Sheree Austen Open Triples
Jul 14 10:00 Fausto Angelini Memorial Family of Fausto Angelini Open Pairs
Aug 1 10:00 Battle of the Sexes Seasons Royal Oak Village Men's / Women's Pairs
Separate draws
Aug 14 10:00 Frank Hudson Memorial Linda Chapman

Open Pairs

Aug 28 10:00 Dave Clanachan Memorial Clanachan Family

Open Pairs

Sept 5 10:00 Cramdon's Tap & Eatery Cramdon's Tap and Eatery

Open Pairs

Club Tournaments

  • All club tournaments are open draw (teams selected on the day of the event) unless otherwise noted.
Date Time Event Sponsor Details
May 23 13:00 Presidents' Day Chartwell Oak Park Lasalle Open Triples
Jun 3 18:00 Betty Burrell Memorial Family of Betty Burrell

Mixed Pairs

Team Entry

Jul 1 10:00 Canada Day Tournament Provincial Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Open Triples
Jul 16 10:00 Peter Stock Memorial Family of Peter Stock Open Triples
Aug 19 18:00 Kensington Court Retirement Residence Kensington Court Retirement Residence

Mixed Pairs

Team Entry

Sept 3 10:00 Harvest Festival  Docherty Family Open Triples
Sept 24 10:00 Warner Memorial Family of Sarah and Charlie Warner Open Triples
Oct 2 13:30 Season Finale (TBD)   TBD

Entry fee for club tournaments: $8.00


Championship Events Hosted by WLBC

Dates Event Details
Sept 14 - 18 Canadian Mixed Pairs Championships Event info from BCB
Sept 11 - 17 Canadian Para-Bowls Championships Event info from BCB

BCB competitions are governed by the BCB Conditions of Play.

OLBA competitions are governed by the OLBA Conditions of Play.

OSGA competitions are governed by the OSGA Lawn Bowling Competition Rules.

Tournament Information

For additional tournament information and registration, please contact drawmaster@wlbc.ca. 

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