2019 Cramdon's Tap & Eatery

Photo of tournament winners Neil Stewart and MaryLou Demers
Tournament winners Neil Stewart and MaryLou Demers

Thank you to Cramdon's Tap & Eatery for their many years of support in sponsoring this tournament.


Congratulations to this year's winners, Neil Stewart and Marylou Demers.


  1. Neil Stewart, Marylou Demers
  2. Dave Austen, Martin Henly
  3. John Fantin, Gloria Fantin
  4. Gary Osley, Ted Krigel
  5. Don Caswell, Maureen Hagman
  6. Judy Doidge, Brian Doidge
  7. Rae Ney, Audrey Ney

Best Effort - Brad Fox, Jeannette Quenneville

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