Windsor Lawn Bowling Club


New Board

The board has completed its organizational meeting and is pleased to announce the new board:

President Vice-President
Jason Currie - Cary Lucier -
Treasurer Secretary
Don Caswell - Gary Osley -
Greens & Property Hospitality
Don Caswell - Dave Austen -
Ted Merritt -  

Phase 3, Club Championships, and Singles League

The club has moved to Phase 3 and we can finally get back to something familiar(ish). The weekly schedule will be:

Monday 6:30 PM Singles League
Tuesday 7:00 PM Men's Night
Wednesday 11:00 AM

Open Bowling

(Reduced Numbers)

  7:00 PM Open Bowling
Thursday 7:00 PM Open Bowling
Saturday 10:00 AM Open Bowling

In order to bowl, you must:

  1. Have paid your $50 membership dues
  2. You must have completed a waiver (one time)
  3. Each time you come to bowl, you must have a completed Declaration of Compliance
  4. Where applicable, you must register to bowl through Sign Up Genius

2020 Competitions


Canadian Sport Helpline

You'll be hearing a lot about Safe Sport this year. While the board is working to finalize our policies, I wanted to share a resource that's available for all club members and sports participants in Canada.

The Canadian Sport Helpline has been established to allow participants who have been subject to discrimination, harassment, bullying, or abuse to get advice and assistance on a confidential basis. This Helpline is in addition to our club policies and processes which are also still available.

Info regarding the Helpline is available at, by phone/text at 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678), or by email at

Officers & Directors

Following their first meeting, the board has named the following positions:

President Vice-President
Jason Currie - Don Caswell -
Treasurer Secretary
 Ken Kapustiak - Kathy Kapustiak -
Membership Hospitality
Marylou Demers - Dave Austen -
Tournaments Greens & Property
Ted Merritt - Wanda Bannan -

Board Elections

Congratulations to the following on their election to the WLBC board:

Ted Merritt

Marylou Demers

Ken Kapustiak

Kathy Kapustiak

They'll be serving with

Don Caswell

Dave Austen

Jason Currie

Wanda Bannen

for the 2019-2020 season.

Office and responsibilities will be finalized at the first full board meeting on 18 November.