Windsor Lawn Bowling Club


Returning to Play

We can start rolling bowls again in a mere seven sleeps! Info on how to get back on the green is available on our RTP page


RTP Town Hall

The club will be holding a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 at 7 pm. All members should have received info about this via email. If you haven't received anything, please contact

Return to Play Survey

The board has approved a Return to Play [RTP] policy for the club, and we would like feedback from the members on whether we should proceed on these terms. If we do not proceed under these terms, the only alternative would be to keep the club closed until next year.


You can follow the link above for the full policy, but here is a summary (in case of conflict, the full policy will take precedence):

  1. Bowling activity would be limited to practice and training only. No games would be permitted.
  2. No guests or observers will be permitted.
  3. Members will have to pre-register online, by phone, or by email for a rink by 8:00 PM on the prior day.
    1. No more than four members will be permitted in each 90 minute time slot. The scheduling and number of slots will be determined based on member feedback.
    2. The four person limit is required to comply with current provincial limits on gatherings (4 players plus 1 convenor). This number may increase according to provincial regulations.
    3. Each member will be assigned to a rink. Up to two members can choose to share a rink for practice, but they must maintain physical distancing unless they are members of the same household.
    4. Members who have not registered will not be permitted to access the club.
  4. Club jacks and mats will not be used. Each member will be provided with a tennis ball to keep for the season. Members can bring other training equipment, jacks, mats, etc for their personal use.
    1. Rakes, scoreboards, and scorecards will not be used.
    2. Members who use club bowls will be issued one set to use for the season. They will be responsible for any loss or unreasonable wear or damage.
  5. Members should arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time and wait in the parking lot until called in. They must leave the club when they are done playing and cannot remain to socialize.
  6. The clubhouse, water fountain, and all benches will be closed. One washroom will be open for emergency use only.
  7. Members who fail to respect this policy will be asked to leave and could be subject to sanction under club policies for persistent or egregious violations.

Canadian Sport Helpline

You'll be hearing a lot about Safe Sport this year. While the board is working to finalize our policies, I wanted to share a resource that's available for all club members and sports participants in Canada.

The Canadian Sport Helpline has been established to allow participants who have been subject to discrimination, harassment, bullying, or abuse to get advice and assistance on a confidential basis. This Helpline is in addition to our club policies and processes which are also still available.

Info regarding the Helpline is available at, by phone/text at 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678), or by email at

Officers & Directors

Following their first meeting, the board has named the following positions:

President Vice-President
Jason Currie - Don Caswell -
Treasurer Secretary
 Ken Kapustiak - Kathy Kapustiak -
Membership Hospitality
Marylou Demers - Dave Austen -
Tournaments Greens & Property
Ted Merritt - Wanda Bannan -