Windsor Lawn Bowling Club


2018 Windsor Classic sponsored by Tom O'Brien Realty

Thank you to our sponsor Tom O'Brien Realty for helping us put on a great event. The beneficiary of this year's tournament was the Italian Canadian HandiCapable Association. The ICHA offers sports programs in the Windsor-Essex area for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Photo of tournament champions
Ernie Gersock and Alfie Fairweather

Congratulations to this year's winners, Ernie Gersock and Alfie Fairweather. The top finishers were:

  1. Ernie Gersok & Alfie Fairweather
  2. Judy Doidge & Brian Doidge
  3. Freda Gersok & Morag Fairweather
  4. Dennis Rawlins & Neil Stewart
  5. Steve St. Pierre & Louise St. Pierre
  6. Martin Henly & Louise Vitale

Best Effort - Wayne Strudwick & Wanda Bannan 


Singles League Playoffs Postponed Due to Weather

Singles league playoffs have been postponed due to Monday's wet weather. First round games will be next week (17 September). Results available here shortly after.


2018 Harvest Festival sponsored by Connect Hearing

Photo of tournament winners
Winners Morag Fairweather, Don Caswell, and Joanne Walthers

Big thanks to our new sponsor Connect Hearing for helping us put on a great tournament.

We have been adopting a new format for club tournaments this year. Rather than teams being drawn to play three games together, the teams are re-drawn every round so players get to play with more people. The winners are the best finishers in each position (skip, vice, and lead).

  Skip Vice Lead


Don Caswell Morag Fairweather Joanne Walthers
2. Rae Ney Jackie Rigley

Ted & Jeanie Krigel (split)

3. Gary Osley Wanda Bannan Marylou Demers
4. Alfie Fairweather Dave Rigley Bea Moore & Lorna Barrow (split)
5. Martin Henly Audrey Ney Gus Gonzalez
6. Jason Currie AnnaMay Shpuniarsky Barb Dagenais
7. Terry Fergusson Julie Leadbetter Iain Clemerson
8. Cary Lucier Debbie Clark Jeannette Quenneville
9. Neil Stewart Wayne Strudwick Joan Murphy-Walker & Bob Lever (split)
10. Ted Merritt Louise Vitale Robert Garrod

2018 Cramdon's Tap & Eatery

Photo of tournament winners Audrey Ney and Rae Ney
2018 Cramdon's winners Audrey and Rae Ney

Congratulations to this year's winners for our Labour Day tournament sponsored by Cramdon's Tap and Eatery.

  1. Audrey Ney & Rae Ney
  2. Alfie Fairweather & Morag Fairweather
  3. Gloria Fantin & John Fantin
  4. Dave Austen & Marylou Demers
  5. Louise Vitale & Ted Merritt
  6. Dave Rigley & Jackie Rigley
  7. Denise Marchand & Mark Lucier
  • Best Effort - Iain Clemerson & Phyllis Leopold


2018 WLBC Women's Singles Champion

Congratulations to the 2018 WLBC Women's Singles Champion, Anna May Shpuniarsky. Full results available below.