Return to Play Scheduling and Instructions


Print-friendly Instructions

In order to participate at this phase of our RTP Plan, there are a few things that have to be done. Some will only have to be done once, others will have to be done every time you want to participate. Our return to play policy is here. A summary of the policy is available here.

  1. Every Day
    1. Registration
      1. You must register for every day you want to play by 8:00 P.M. the previous day. You can register for multiple dates at the same time, but you are limited to one slot per day. In order to register, you have the choices of:
        1. Registering directly through Sign-Up Genius by clicking here.
          1. This is the best way to register because you will have immediate confirmation for your date and time. The information entered on the site will only be visible to the person handling registration and the convenor.
          2. To register for timeslots with Sign-Up Genius:
            1. Go to the Sign-Up Genius site, click the “Sign Up” box next to your desired time/date(s), and click “Sign Up and Submit”;
            2. On the next page, enter your name and email address and click “Sign Up Now”.
          3. You do not need to register for a Sign-Up Genius account, but doing so will make it easier to view your registrations or make changes later.
        2. Registering by email to or by text message or phone call to Jason's mobile phone (please include name if registering by text).
          1. Registrations received by email, text, or phone will be addressed as quickly as possible but are not final until you receive a confirmation.
          2. For phone calls, this is Jason’s mobile number, but it is answered by his business answering service. They will not have instructions to complete registrations. They will simply take messages, and you will have to wait for a confirmation before your registration is finalized.
      2. If anybody registers for multiple times on the same day, all registrations on that date may be removed if the problem can’t be resolved.
    2. Declaration of Compliance
      1. Participants must complete a Declaration of Compliance each day that they participate. This declaration asks about a number of symptoms and asks you to confirm your understanding of our policies and restrictions.
      2. The form is available at this link.
      3. Participants must print and bring a copy of the declaration each day of participation.
      4. Copies of the declaration will not be available at the club.
  2. One Time Requirements
    1. WLBC Dues
      1. Annual dues of $50.00 must be paid prior to registering for timeslots.
      2. Dues can be paid by Interac e-transfer to or by cheque mailed to the club.
      3. For members who would have been entitled to not pay dues this year, we have presumptively applied this as credit for next year. If you wish to apply the credit this year, please contact Ken.
    2. Updated Waiver
      1. All members must complete an updated waiver for adults or acknowledgement of risk for minors and bring the original, signed copy on their first day of play.
      2. Electronic copies will not be accepted.
      3. Copies of these forms will not be available at the club.