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23 September 2017
Thank you to the family of Sarah & Charlie Warner for helping us host a great event. It was hotter than most of us expected, but we all had a great time. The top finishers were: Ted Merritt, Ted Krigel, Jeannette Quenneville Dave Rigley, Jackie Rigley, Jeanie Krigel Morag Fairweather, Don Buchanan, Joanne Walthers Jason Currie, Wanda Bannen, Iain Clemerson
13 September 2017
Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Windsor Classic: 1st - Cary Lucier, Dennis Rawlins 2nd - Neil Stewart, Ted Merritt 3rd - Rae Ney, Audrey Ney 4th - Ron Little, Susan Newsham 5th - Ted Krigel, Jeanie Krigel/Debbie Clark Best Effort - Julie Leadbetter, Ruth Cothingham
09 September 2017
Congratulations to Ted Krigel, Dave Austen, and Ted Merritt for winning the 2017 Harvest Festival Tournament. We'd also like to thank our mysterious benefactor for their support. Final results and match reports available below. 2017 Harvest Festival Results
16 August 2017
Congratulations to Morag Fairweather, Bill Rankine, and new member Zen Nimeck on winning the 2017 George Ogilvie Memorial. Full results available below.
18 July 2017
Congratulations to the 2017 Fausto Angelini Memorial champions, Terry Little and Bev Snobelen of Ridgetown. Also, huge thanks to our sponsor, Sandy Angelini, and the while Angelini family. Full results available below.
17 June 2017
Congratulations to Cathy O'Brien, Mary Lou Demers, and Jeannette Quenneville - champions of the 2017 Rotator Cup sponsored by Walter D Kelly Life Celebration Centre