2018 Seasons Battle of the Sexes

Photo of men's and women's tournament winners.
(L to R) Men's champions Dave Austen and Ted Merritt. Women's champions Louise St. Pierre and Laurie Roth.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Battle of the Sexes sponsored by Seasons Retirement Communities. Windsor's Dave Austen and Ted Merritt were the winners on the men's side while Louise St. Pierre and Laurie Roth from Dresden won the women's event. Due to severe weather, we were unable to complete the traditional roll-off between the champions.


1. Louise St. Pierre, Laurie Roth
2. Judy Doidge, Shirley Hogg
3. Debbie Clark, Wanda Bannan
4. AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Audrey Ney

Best Effort - Jackie Rigley, Callette Hicks


1. Dave Austen, Ted Merritt

2. Cary Lucier, Mark Lucier

3. Ron Little, Terry Little

4. Joe Wardell, Brian Doidge

Best Effort - Terry Fergusson, Gary Osley