RTP Phase 3 Survey and Info

 WLBC will be able to move to Phase 3 of the BCB/OLBA Return to Play [RTP] plan once our region is moved to Stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan, so we're still under Phase 1 until further notice. Moving to Phase 3 will allow us to resume leagues and in-club tournaments while still maintaining our safety protocols including physical distancing and having to pre-register for all activities through Sign-Up Genius (or email/phone as a fallback). The clubhouse will remain closed, but we will be able to open the bar on the patio.


We need to know who is interested in returning to play under these circumstances and your thoughts on possible plans for leagues and tournaments to account for having reduced numbers. Phase 3 will allow up to 50 people to attend the club, but we anticipate some people may not want to come out until the current health emergency has ended.


We're asking everyone to provide feedback through the survey linked at the bottom of this page. It's important that as many people as possible respond to the survey so we can make plans that work best for our members. The length of the survey will vary depending on how certain questions are answered, so it's important to keep going until  you get a confirmation that you've completed the survey. The maximum number of questions you could see is 11.


PS: We're skipping Phase 2 and planning to proceed directly from Phase 1 to Phase 3. Although OLBA has approved Phase 2, it is basically the same as Phase 1 but allowing 4 people to practise on a rink while still only allowing 10 people total. We decided it would be better to focus on Phase 3 instead of taking a small intermediate step that would make things more complex with little substantive improvement. 

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