2018 Peter Stock Memorial

Photo of Peter Stock winners
Mark Lucier, Jeannette Quenneville, and Dennis Rawlins

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Peter Stock Memorial, Mark Lucier, Jeannette Quenneville, and Dennis Rawlins.


Final Standings:

 1. Dennis Rawlins, Mark Lucier, Jeannette Quenneville

2. Cary Lucier, Betty Ann Rankin, Gus Gonzalez

3. Neil Stewart, Morag Fairweather, Joanne Walthers,

4. Dave Austen, Jackie Rigley, Joan Murphy-Walker/Bob Lever

5. Terry Fergusson/Ted Merritt, Wayne Strudwick, Marylou Demers

6. Cathy Muir, Dave Rigley, Nancy Jankovic

7. Sue Duransky, AnnaMay Shpuniarsky, Ted/Jeanie Krigel


8. Alfie Fairweather, Phyllis Leopold/Frank Duransky, George Muir

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